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Hutchinson Conveyors & Augers

Hutchinson Conveyors & Augers

8", 10", and 13" Swing Away Augers

Hutchinson's 8", 10", and 13" Swing Away Augers feature a fully hydraulic lift, spindle wheel hubs equipped with tapered bearings, oil bath enclosed gear drives, four wheels on the swing out hoppers, and are available in both galvanized and a powder coat red finish. Contact us for additional options such as the side wind jack, side drive, or hydraulic winch kit.

6", 8" and 10" Top Drive Augers

Hutchinson's 6", 8" and 10" Top Drive Augers feature a wider wheel base and a scissor-type undercarriage made of high strength steel for greater stability during operation or towing. Tapered roller bearing hubs allow for better towing. The 6" tubes are galvanized, while the 8" and 10" tubes can be galvanized or powder coated red. These augers come with a manual winch standard, with a hydraulic winch available as an option. These augers come with a sealed bath drive, and your choice of a PTO or electric drive.

13" Top Drive Augers

Available in lengths of 36', 65', 72, and 82', Hutchinson's 13" Top Drive Augers feature an intake guard with a hitch, standard hitch jack, oil bath double gear box head drive, 16" rims, and PTO or electronic drive options. Options include an electric winch for the undercarriage, and a collapsible hopper.

In-Line Augers

Hutchinson's In-Line Augers feature a rolled steel bell housing with an access door which contains the internally mounted gearbox. The positioning of the auger flighting allows a high volume of unrestricted grain flow around the gearbox, and Hutchinson's new intake uses a cupped intake guard to allow high capacity, complete cleanout operations. The capacity is further increased by a specially designed hopper mounted directly on top of the intake. These augers are availabe with either PTO or electric drive, which is fully shielded.

Roll-Away Hoppers and Swing-Away Bucket Elevator Hoppers

Designed with versatility and convenience in mind, Hutchinson's Roll-Away Hoppers can be used to feed portable augers, cleaners, or anything else with limited access, such as gravity wagons, horizontal bin loaders, hopper-bottom semi trucks and more. The wheels can be adjusted to allow the hopper to roll sideways or forward and back.

Portable Grain Pumps

Huntchinson's Portable Grain Pumps allow you to move grain en-masse (grain-moving-grain). This has several advantages, such as lower horsepower requirements, less damage to grain at high capacities, less maintenance. These grain pumps include an enclosed gear box, hydraulic winch system, and threaded rods on sides of the head allow easy adjustment of the conveyor chain.

Portable Mass-Ter® Mover

Hutchinson's Mass-Ter® Mover has a unique chaina and paddle design which maintains full chamber movement of grain without fall-back. The paddles have open centers which provide relief when starting the machine under a partial load, and the square paddle repulsion system uses 30% less horsepower than a screw conveyor. The Mass-Ter® Mover is available with a hydraulic winch, expandable axle, and your choice of a PTO or electric drive.

Trac Mass-Ter®

The Hutchinson Trac Mass-Ter® combines two proven methods of moving grains into one. First, a large, low speed screw in the grain hopper moves the product toward an inclined chain conveyor where paddles carry it to the top for discharge. The unit attaches to a tractor with three pins and hydraulic and PTO connections. The Trac Mass-Ter® then is able to move with the tractor.

Drive-Over Chain Converter

Hutchinson's Drive-Over Chain Converter features a low profile, reinforced ramps, removeable hitch, and is available with either an electric or hydraulic jack shaft and an optional side unload kit.

Portable Squeeze Belt Conveyor

Squeeze Belt Conveyors gently squeesze the grain between two heavy-duty two-ply 15" Crescent Top PVC belts with nylon slider backs. This process moves the grain up the shaft of the conveyor at up to 9000 bushels per hour in an energy efficient manner.

Portable Single Belt Conveyor

Available in lengths of 60', 70', and 85' at a 10" diameter, Hutchinson's Portable Single Belt Conveyor uses half the energy of a screw conveyor of the same length. These units are designed for maximum capacity (6000 bushels per hour) and long life (3000 hours belt life), with your choice of PTO or electric drive.

Portable 36' & 50' Low Profile Commodity Conveyor

Hutchinson's portable low profile commodity conveyors include a spring loaded take up, belt alignment roller guide, low canvas hopper, and an electronic and hydraulic drive. PTO drive is available on the 50' model.

Transfer Belt Hopper

This hopper is low profile, needing only 9 5/8" of clearance with the wheels installed, making it useful in many applications that other hoppers are not. Options for this hopper include your choice of electric or hydraulic motor, a towing kit, swing away kit, and a hydraulic end wheel drive kit.

Drive-Over Belt Conveyor

Requiring only 5 1/2" clearance with a 42" wide belt, Hutchinson's Drive-Over Belt Conveyor is ideal to recieve product from dump wagons and vehicles. These conveyors have a capacity of up to 10,000 bushels per hour, an adjustable discharge height, and your choice of hydraulic, electric, or PTO drive.

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